The Champs;

We pulled it off. We really pulled it off.

The Chiefs brought home the Memorial Cup and posted a perfect 4-0 for the round-robin tournament Kitchener, Ontario defeating the Belleville Bulls, the Gatineau Olympiques and the Kitchener Rangers (twice).

Dustin Tokarski was named the MVP making an astounding 53 saves for this game. I expect his stock to now shoot up come June. Like, top of the list jump. I also expect some other Chiefs to get some much deserved love for the draft and I am thrilled. Someone has Mitch Wahl’s number, right?

I am pretty much dancing on my toes. I have no idea how I am sitting still and writing this out.

I have left out the best part. When they gave Chris Bruton the cup? He dropped it. It broke. The cup popped off the base. It was honestly the funniest thing I have ever seen. The fans in the arena were in shock, and booed. Then I think it was Trevor Glass, swooped in and picked up one of the pieces and was like “Yeah! We won!” and everyone seemed to get over it. They passed around the two parts. And for the team picture, Drayson Bowman is holding the trophy together.

There is already video….

It’s actually kinda adorable. This rag tag group of kids make it all the way and win. They break the coveted trophy. And don’t even fucking care. There was nothing but pure joy to be seen. Ecstatic they some how clawed their was through these teams and bested them all. This fight is longer and harder than the one for Lord Stanley, then it all comes down to a round-robin tournament and one final game.

These kids aren’t millionaires. They go back to being regular kids who just happened to do something amazing. They are playing hockey out of sheer joy and love.

Total wins this season: 70.

The score summary. I could have written about what actually happened in the game. I might later on. For now? I am nothing but proud of these ragamuffins.

One last time; TOKARSKI SAVES.

Download this: We Are the Champions

Oh the long version….

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12 thoughts on “The Champs;

  1. The look on his face was absolutely horrible. Like… “Oh shit. What now?” ha.

  2. Hi. This is an amazing story and a shot in the arm for those who want to try. Only one correction to this original article, the young man holding the cup did not drop it. The top cup came off and then he almost dropped the base, but it didn’t break because he dropped it.


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