Hottie Hockey Dreamy Team: Defensemen Showdown and Battle of the Left Wingers

hottie hockey dreamy team

We have one position settled; foxiest netminder. Who came out on top? Pretty Ricky or Carey Price? After the jump find out who is the number one stunner in the pipes as well as the final faceoff for defensemen and the heated battle of left winger.

Who do we have this time?

Next we have the final for defense. There will one winner from each group.
Group 1:

James Wisniewski or Mike Komisarek?

Group 2:

Mike Green or Kris Letang?


Place your votes for best defensemen and pick your leftie for each pairing. Do not skip a pairing. This includes myself since I matched Avery and Burrows, my two favorite agitators. And there is no abstaining or picking both. You can vote once here and once over at Jenn’s. Tell all your friends. It’s the easiest kind of democracy to take part in.

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18 thoughts on “Hottie Hockey Dreamy Team: Defensemen Showdown and Battle of the Left Wingers

  1. Defence:
    Wisniewski!! So super hot. smokin
    Letang. yum

    if I can write it Marc Staal count that too :)

    Left Wing:
    A Ryan “scrumptious” Malone
    D Rick Nash. yes please!
    E Burrows and those brows all the way. and his Quebecois/English accent. Just sit around naked and talk to me, please
    H Zach Parise. swoon. holy shit.

  2. A

    F (I know, I know… but I think he’s hotter)

    And yes to Carey!

  3. Sounds good, Cinn.

    Domi, you are welcome to do a write in in the comments and if they can get a enough votes to knockout the current lowest vote getter, they are in.

  4. I’m outraged Matty Ohlund was cut! Heh.

    Yay for little jail bait Price!




    E Mmmmmm Burr. We could just fool around all day and he could speak to me in that adorable accent of his

  5. Hehehehe I found you on Sabres Kallisions- and I have to play! :)

    So here are my votes:

    Group 1:A – with that last name, he could be from Buffalo LOL
    Group 2:C – I like him! he’s a fine lookin gent. I want him for the Sabres.

    B- Louie is Prettttty. (and he looks a bit like Orlando Bloom, eh?)
    D – even with his ever-sprouting facial adornments LOL
    E – oh please NO AVERY! *pukegaghurl*
    G— MMM MMM GOOD and my man Royzie’s BFFFFFFF

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