Red and White

There was hockey. And I was thrilled. It was a bit odd to watch. Because who do I cheer for? It is Chief versus Chief. I ended up going Team White since Toka was in the pipes for them. The boys looked amazing and the noobz were totally hustling trying to earn a slot on the team. The final score ended up being 3-1 Team White. Posting goals for White; Dustin Donaghy, Justin Falk and Seth Compton. And the lone Team Red goal was a beauty by Tyler Johnson.

Click here for the roster.

who you callin friend, pal
tyler break away rnw
face off rnw
tyler vs mitch

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9 thoughts on “Red and White

  1. Falkinator? I like Falk him up though…

    F-bomb! As in, “F-bomb’s gonna drop on you, hoser!”

    We’ll see, if he ends up in Houston, what comes out of my mouth. Usually with the new kids, I just call ’em Fresh Meat until they have a good nickname.

  2. Oh snap, Puns, I love me some puns.
    I wanna play

    Yippy Ki Yay Mother Falk’er

    Look whose Falking

    Less talk more Falk

    Lock Falk and two smoking Barrels


    Falk Falk whose there?

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