battery burner.

I am jonesing. Is it hockey time yet? All this preseason action teasing; not leaving me satisfied. What’s a girl to do? The Olympics are over (mens swimming brought to you by the Hitachi Magic Wand) and baseball doesn’t thrill like it once did (ugh, ex boyfriends). Instead I am reduced to watching hockey videos and trying not to climb the walls. Oh how I dream of goalies stretching for maximum agility. I long for the rapturous sounds of a defensemen slamming opponents into the the glass. Mmm, the forwards pounding it home…

averyshea weber
Pull my hair?
Yeah that is what I am talking about. Screen grabs of interviews with facial expressions that say oooooohhhhh soooooo much. More sweet sweet action after the jump. Take your time…

Right there…
Don’t stop…
Yeah…just like that….
Oh that was niceeeee.

Stick tap to Jared of London for linking me interviews to screen grab. He is secure in his manhood, ok?

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34 thoughts on “battery burner.

  1. oh my hubby all be-toweled. mmmmmmmm my sweet Marty (not that I haven’t seen that interview before because I think I have obsessively stalked every bit of Marty material out there). This so made me laugh. You are a naughty girl Heather.
    Poor boys getting caught looking their weirdest.

  2. is that a mole, or did Sean Avery get an eyebrow pierced or something?

    And for the record staring from the top…
    probably not
    yes (if that’s Stajan like I think it is)
    no (even though that picture cracks me up)

  3. This might have to become a semi regular feature.

    @Domi; It’s a bit hard to find interviews with Carey Price and then to catch him in the act. Such an elusive goalie…And Avery had a cut above his eye.
    @Q; Jared and I laughed at the Marty one because it looks like he just finished filming a scene.

  4. I am surprise, where is your report on the fact that Carey Price reported to camp 25 pounds leaner. He was working in a rodeo all summer roping animals… I said roping get you mind out of the gutter.

  5. Oh I could report on that. But instead I keep myself all busied up thinking about how much more flexible Carey got. That he must have more stamina and is greattttt with tying ropes…

    I need a shower.

  6. Marty looks like hes from long island and just got done feeding roofies to under-agers in that pick.

    I wonder if Zdeno really makes that face when he is “doing it Chara style”…

  7. Hehe. Marty looks like he’s caught right in the middle of a New Kids on the Block video.

    This so needs to become a regular feature. I want Malkin in the next one. Gotta keep those wonderful fan fictions coming.

  8. Ummmmmm. Yes please! This might be the best thing you’ve done in ages. LOOOOVE it! Now I really really want hockey.

    Phaneuf disturbs me, but all the rest. Gold.

  9. Ha. Pommers. I love when they stop interviews at weird times and use that as a still. How I missed the blogosphere!

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