we don’t serve your kind

Watch it before it gets pulled. I assume one with better audio quality will get posted soon.

Sarah Palin being booed for the puck drop. This warms my liberal, pro-choice, gay marriage supporting, getting out of Iraq, rebuilding New Orleans heart.

I am serious, if you don’t vote I will personally beat you down.

8 thoughts on “we don’t serve your kind

  1. I’m subscribing to the old Carlin theory of “you have no right to complain if you vote”…”YOU people put all these assholes in office…not ME…its your fault”

    Voting is for suckers

  2. pew pew! All I can think of is Tina Fey. I must give her credit for leaning in for kissy faces with Gomez.

    Flyer fans never fail. haha That was great.

  3. No batteries because that would get them carted off to Guantanamo.

    Booing is better. More traditional. :)

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