light your candles.

Here is the deal, just go read this. It’s super important. I will come back later and write my actual thoughts on it, then we can have a dialog. I know this is rushed, but seriously, you need to read that post.

Chiefs vs Blazers tonight.

Championship ring presentation. I won’t even front, I don’t care. That just delays puck action. Sorry Chiefs. It’s the truth.

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3 thoughts on “light your candles.

  1. That is a bunch of crap. Cheers to this guy for packing it up when the team treated him so badly. This is a guy that is actively promoting their team in every he can getting yelled at for it. Is management’s ego really that big that they can’t take some occasional criticism from their fanbase? Too bad such a great blogger is out, but I think he did it for the right reasons. I think you got this whole “supporting a non-NHL team dealy” right after all Wrap; the majors are all profit margins and image with no heart.

  2. What a joke. The MSM’s main argument about bloggers is that they aren’t “real journalists”. But how can you be a “real journalist” when you *cue angry yelling Chris Farley voice* CAN’T EVEN BLOG FROM THE PRESS BOX AT A GAME!!! GOD!!!

    I don’t blame the guy one bit for quitting his blog site.

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