you can’t mistake my biology.

Sorry about that last double post. I was posting from my phone and each time it said there was a program error so I figured it didn’t even go through. Surprise! They did.

Anyways, the Chiefs found some chemistry. And to demonstrate said chemistry I am going to link a Girls Aloud vid, Biology from their album Chemistry. You see what I did there? Pretty sneaky, sis.

The Chiefs seeme to have gotten back into the swing of things and I didn’t have to throw a temper trantrum. I did however kick the seat in front of me in the first period. Which was a bad idea, because I scuffed my new heels. Que sera. Brady Calla was a sexy sexy plus 3 on the night. Our darling Dr Dray was plus 4. Man I think I need to bring back the Bowman Post Season Point Watch.

The Chiefs win 5-2. There were chalupas. But as usual I forgot to grab my coupon. Whatevs. I was really happy with the effort the boyos put on tonight. They made it clear this is OUR house and were actually playing like ohhhh I dunno, defending Memorial Cup champs. Dustin Tokarski had a light workload, stopping 16 of 18 shots,  but that is a good thing. Guys! Baldwin wasn’t in that green shirt! I was soooooo confused. The Panel told me other things to note here and I am totally blanking. Argh. They will remind me.

Tomorrow is game four. It is CRUCIAL that the Chiefs carry the momentum from tonight into tomorrow. And it is crazy important that peeps show up to the game. Tonight’s crowd was totally weaksauce. Not even 5,000. Tell all your friends it’s hockey night in Spokanada and the arena needs people who are excitable and into super enthusiastic high fiving. Like meeeeee.

Lettsy’s parents, thanks for the deep fried Oreos!

12 thoughts on “you can’t mistake my biology.

  1. deep fried Oreos? Now I’m jealous… crowd was totally weak but they got excited; eventually. Can’t wait for tonight to see who’s less tired to pull off the win. I hope it’s an awesome day as I’ve declared it my ‘Birthday game day’. A win would be a great present. Go Chiefs Go!

  2. ah I am still savoring the win this morning… B-E-A-UTIFUL! Yeah, its very critical that we come in tonight with the same intensity. Did anyone else see Bo and Dony get into a pretty big fight of words on the bench? Scary shit…

      • yes it was… too many F-bombs. Hope they resolved it and are cool tonight…. they are guys and probably dont hold grudges for as long as us girls do lol

  3. Thank you for posting that video. It made my Wednesday so much better. And I demand that the Bowman post season point watch returns!

  4. Amazing game!! Pure awesome-ness. I was very pleased. So were the drunk guys in my section..
    ahaha idk if anyone else saw one of the giants fall on his butt going out onto the ice or the giant checked into the team bench? Hilarious. AH great goals, lots of Dino man scoring & assisting(Bowman, he looks like a dinosaur I’ve decided). And Baldwin even wore a different outfit! SUCCESS!

    • OMG i see the dinosaur… but hes like the cutest one EVER! I about shot those annoying people in 118… they don’t even have positive things to say about our own team. I wish they would just keep that shit to theirselves

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