Great Moments in Sports Interviews;

I rewound my DVR about four times to makes sure I heard this correctly. And then I had to record it to share with the world. Just….unreal.

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17 thoughts on “Great Moments in Sports Interviews;

  1. I was pretty certain I was having a seizure and misheard what he was asking…
    Before I called 911 I hit rewind and marvelled at the train wreck before me.
    So wrong.

  2. You’re just lucky you don’t have to see Gene Principe interview (then) traumatized Oilers players on a weekly basis. He makes Pierre and friends almost seem… normal.

    I saw this live today and was making the same WTF face Crosby was.

  3. Kind of a BS answer by Sid though wouldn’t a more open and honest answer have been – “No not really but one time in a hockey fight I thought it would be cool to hit my opponent below the belt on purpose, Mike. So I guess even though it will upset Gary Bettmann, I’m really not that much of an angel…

  4. It would have been ten shades of awesome if he had just deadpanned a serious answer like “Yeah, actually I went through a phase of a few years where I would capture and torture local animals. Mostly squirrels or small house pets. My parents were really concerned and I had to see a bunch of psychologists. But I grew out of it almost entirely.”

  5. My god that’s like Catholic confession. Sidney, I used to lie my ass off in concession and I don’t blame you for doing it either.

  6. Sid should have confessed: you know that ad where the bus breaks down, and he asks the kids on the pond if he could play with them? He had to pay them each 100 bucks to get them to say yes.

    and DGB, holy crap that would have been greatness

  7. “Well, I have had the urge to wade into the crowd and hit them over the head with a pilfered penny loafer.”

  8. “Well, I have had the urge to wade into the crowd and beat someone over the head with a pilfered penny loafer.”

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