Kyle Beach gets a contract and a new contest for the readers…

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up and place your wager!

Just how long will Kyle Beach last with the Chicago Blackhawks? The winner is the closest in days, regardless of over/under. So if you overshoot by 10 days, you beat the person who was 11 days under.  So place your bets and the winner gets a Tokarski Saves tshirt. To be eligible for the shirt make sure you comment with an email address that you check. When does this contest end? Who knows. Whenever Beach gets kicked out, demoted, suspended etc….I might just randomly give a way a shirt because I can. story here.

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28 thoughts on “Kyle Beach gets a contract and a new contest for the readers…

  1. Oh I like it. So, this is Beech playing at the NHL level? If he goes to Rockford, he’s out, right?

    If so, I give him 0 days. He’ll go straight to the farm after pre-season. (But then will be called up due to injuries sometime before December.)

  2. He was already kicked outta Rockford once… Maybe he’ll learn his lesson!? And last 5 games this time. That’s my guess. I think that’s about double what he grossed last time.

    If he manages to make it to the NHL I dream that he’s traded to an east team and Lucic gets to slam him around a little.

  3. I’m going to take a leap and guess 36 days. I also like 0 for the number of fights he’s won. I still can’t stand him. I know Peters probably had it out for Beach the moment he was told Beach was coming his way. Can’t blame him.

  4. I give him 54 days. Bill Peters will try and deal with him but he wont make it three months unless he finds a serious attitude adjustment!

    • Maybe I misunderstood? Is he going straight up to the Blackhawks because if he is I give him like 2 weeks tops. I think he needs to be tamed (if possible) on the farm team first.

        • I love it..“We own your ass! Now go to the farm!” contract possibly just made my day. & also very very true.

  5. when you say “signed” does that mean also “called up”? as in, during the Cup freaking playoffs? because, if it does mean that and they dress him for a game, I give him 7 days. if not, and it just means they can call him up next season, I give him 42 days from the beginning of Hawks training camp.

    and yes, I am pulling these number OUT of my ass. but hey, why not guess

  6. Mmmmmmmm…Lucic…

    Right…what was I saying?

    Oh yeah! Kyle fuckin Beach. Great contest by the way. I say 36 days. And Alix giggles with glee that the Canucks picked Cody Hodgson instead of Kyle Beach.

  7. I honestly wanna give him like a -5986 days..but you know uh..that’s like not possible. Soooo I say 23. I’m being optimistic today I guess.

  8. If he’s as much of an ass as he is to everyone and their mother, I give hime a month.
    From the start of training camp.

    && I hope he gets his ass kicked around a bit as well.

  9. Hmmm… an interesting one. I’ll get back to you when the Hawks are done in free agency. Sami Phalsson is a big part of this equation and despite him being terrible the Hawks are still interested in brining him back. No 3rd line C = Kyle Beach, IMO.

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