the stanley cupcakes

Ok so I talked about making it happen. I decided to make a Stanley Cup replica for the Puck Daddy No Foil Contest. And I wanted to use cupcakes. I knew this was going to be hard to make happen. I wasn’t even entirely sure how I was going to build it. I just made it up as I went along. Here is the process;

om nom nom

om nom nom

I baked a bit more than 100 of these suckers. I stopped counting after a bit. The nice thing about mini cupcakes is they cook wicked fast. But its a bit time consuming to fill the lil’ thingers. I used a recipe from scratch because that’s how I roll. The cake part turned out really well not too dense or too light. At this point I still was sort deciding how to build the base. Then I had a vision;

heyyyy that could work...

heyyyy that could work...

My mother finished up a bottle of R&R, it’s her favorite. I duct taped the bottle to a glass plate. To stick the cupcakes to the bottle I just used some powdered sugar and a bit of water and stirred it until it was stiff. SERIOUSLY STICKIEST SUBSTANCE EVER.

quality material.

quality material.

This is where I started to doubt the structural integrity of my creation. Also my mother did not appreciate me making a mess in the kitchen at ten o clock at night. I told her I’d try to make a quieter ruckus. Seriously though, that powder sugar glue is pro. It’d suck if like…someone got powdered sugar on their car, and then a sprinkler went off…

let it whip, whip it baby...

let it whip, whip it baby...

I made the frosting from scratch. Paste frosting is a lot of work to make but it’s crazy delish. I love this stand mixer. It’s amazing. You can let it work while you drink or whatever. The frosting is a light light light blue grey. Because to make silver I needed use fondant which SUCKSSSS and tastes VILEEEEE. And edible silver is so expensive.

omg it didnt collapse!

omg it didn't collapse!

I had to let the cupcakes set overnight. Also I had to figure out how to make a topper bit. Off to Walmart I went. I bought one of those half sphere things that grandmas buy and shove silk flowers in they bought at Michaels. I jammed it on top of the bottle and frosted away. Now I know I will be critiqued on my execution of replication. But if I do say so, I did fucking amazing. I did my best to pipe details but it’s hot so the frosting got a tad melty. But come onnnnn. You know that is Lord Stanley. Eh eh? I will probably eat it. Except the foam part. Duh.


Also this is wonderfully amazing and hilarious. I want to make a mega mix of all the other appropriate songs like Back Dat Ass Up, Put Your Back Into It, I See You Baby (Shakin That Ass), Baby Got Back, etc. True story when that song was popular a few dudes actually called me that. I even thanked them.

25 thoughts on “the stanley cupcakes

  1. well done Wrap, well done! sadly you can’t freeze it or chrome it for the ultimate conversation piece for the decades to come. I hope it was super tasty!

  2. There are not words epic enough to describe this accomplishment. Congrats! I also very much enjoyed the vid hahaha priceless…

  3. This is so ahfuckinmazing. Inspiring and all that. R&R bottle = ingenious

    After this post, now I pretty much just want cupcakes… and Max Talbot to dance for me.

  4. bwa hahahha that is awesome! I just made cupcakes yesterday but they are all gone. Sad face. Oops. I always thought that if I were on Ace of Cakes, I would fit right in.

  5. I would actually rather have Stanley Cup made of cupcakes than the real one… and I want cupcakes now!

    The video… my thoughts make me feel dirrty

  6. What else besides hockey would combine whisky and cupcakes? Fantastic job on your cup creation (and I love the pink mixer!)

    I’m mesmerized by the Sid video. Just mesmerized.

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