The Talent: John Tavares

oh heyyyyy....

oh heyyyyy....

I just typed John Tavares into Google and like the entire internet exploded. I am bombared with little news bits. Such as John hired his mom as his agent. How awkward and weird would that be? I am basing my knowledge of how bad of an idea it is to have a mother as your agents on countless viewings of Living Lohan and Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Tavares is slated to go first overall which means the odds are high he will be an Islander unless someone works out a deal otherwise, Brian Burke, cough cough…I mean, Tavares has stated his favorite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs. And even though I am a Leafer girl, Tavares just doesn’t do it for me. He does’t exactly dazzle me and I just can’t entirely put my finger on why. Perhaps because his performance and production tapered off a bit and some said he was bored playing in the OHL. He shouldn’t be bored already. I hate that excuse, boredom equaling slacking off. If anything he should have been skating circles around everyone else and being an all-around BAMF.

Perhaps its because I am skeptical of media hype and the manipulation of the population. Because that’s how shit like Twilight happens. All sorts of buzz and column inches and what’s that thing called when something is crammed down your throat? Over exposure? The tides can turn and leave a bad taste. Jo and Kate Plus 8 anyone?

And I know I am drawing parallels with pop culture and not with hockey but here it is; I am over hating Sidney Crosby, mostly. I think because he settled into his own and it’s evident he is the posterboy of the NHL. He may be bland in interviews but he has his own charm I suppose. Like I said when he won the Stanley Cup, “Sid later celebrated by pounding 9 capri suns and eating a whole bag of goldfish crackers.” He’s a solid player, but I think Evgeni Malkin is superior. Perhaps the language barrier is why it’s Crosby over Malkin.

But there is my undying love and belief in the power of Jared Cowen. I am convinced he could have knocked Tavares off the number one spot in the rankings if he didn’t get injured. It’s because I am familiar with him and I’ve seen him play, a lot. And since he’s worn a Chiefs sweater, I absolutely love him.

This is John Tavares and I guess he is a big deal.

16 thoughts on “The Talent: John Tavares

  1. Meh. I’ll take the Euro boy.

    And I agree… I can’t put my finger on it either but I don’t have a good feeling about this kid. I’d love to be wrong since he’s Clutter’s boy but…

    • Glad to know I am not the only one not seeing “it”

      I am sure he will be solid, but I dunno there is all sorts of crazy deals being proposed for this kid. Perhaps it’s because I’ve always been a bargain shopper kind of girl.

  2. I hope things work out for the best.

    Cowen to the Islanders would have involved mucho suckage.

  3. but there is something about geno not being able to really speak english all that well. i love that big goofball haha. awesome post tho

  4. As far as the mommy issues– Ovechkin has his mother as an agent, so it can’t be THAT horrible.

    However, I’m with you on not feelin’ this kid’s skills. I think I agree with Kyle Woodlief of “Red Line Report” saying that he was the third best player on his team in the playoffs. He may have the best skill set, but he doesn’t show it often enough to make anyone think he’ll be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    His number have hurt badly since going into the OHL and many think he suffered burnout last year, which carried over into this year. However– this is the Isles; they haven’t been known to make good decisions.

    • Ovechkin Does have his mom as an agent, but she’s got experience in sports….lots. Something tells me Mrs. Tavares probably wasn’t a sports star in her day and little Johnny’s decision might hurt him…unless she’s super business savvy, I don’t know.

  5. Here’s a thought to chew on; If he got bored, or whatever, and didn’t give a shit in the OHL this year, what do you think he’ll do in his first 2 to 3 years of not winning with a basement team like the Islanders or Lightning?

      • If he’s carrying the team, then we know he’s the real deal and a hard player.

        If he’s just kind of meh, then we know he has a false sense of entitlement and will only put forth an effort if he’s on an already winning team.

  6. Glad to see I’m not the only one over Tavares (and Twilight, horrific fail!). I started off kind of ambivalent, but the more I hear about him the more I think he deserves the Isles.

    • I just read an article in the NHL Draft profiles talking about the possibility of him going to the Islanders. Instead of saying something diplomatic like “I’m honored to be taken by any team” or some other generic but pleasant comment he came off as arrogant talking about being the number one pick. Hello, hasn’t happened yet. I didn’t notice him much at first. Kinda wished it stayed that way cuz now the more I look, the more I dislike.

  7. JT. this kid has been talked up to me so many times… [again] I’m glad I’m not the only one that is kinda feeling iffy about him. I’m kind of repelled by all the hype… hype is totally overrated anyways. *cough* twilight, what? *cough*

    I’m kinda feelin the Swede this year. Any kid with the name Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson has to be amazing. Or I’m just partial to Swedes.

    I’ll admit it, I like Crosby. He seems like he might be fun to go pull pranks with and go mini-golfing.

  8. Oh my gosh. I can’t believe you are liking Crosby. Now I feel betrayed. :) Don’t try to convert me.

    I saw an interview with Tavares and PK Subban earlier this year, apparently they are buds, and he seemed laid back and an all around good guy. I took a liking to him then. Sad to see he’s letting this go to his head.

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