haters gonna hate.

AsThePuck turns was amazing and sent me these two news items this morning but I haven’t had a chance until now to get around to posting about it. Ok, so. I think this whole week should be Jared Cowen Week. Spread the Cow Cow love. A sampling of an article up on NHL.com;

Cowen was the first pick of the 2006 WHL bantam draft, and last season, his first in the WHL, he had 4 goals, 18 points and led the league’s rookie defenseman with a plus-27 rating.

He was the top-rated player in the WHL when the Central Scouting released its preliminary rankings in November, but slipped to No. 7 in the midterm report in January and No. 9 in the final rankings in April.

If you think that bothers Cowen, think again.

“All the players that were put in front of me, I was better than them,” Cowen told NHL.com. “I kind of took it personal. I saw the players put in front of me and I knew I was better, so I wasn’t too worried about it. I knew I could play better than them at a higher league anyway.”

Cowen said the scouts shouldn’t be overly worried about him. And if they need any refreshers, Cowen said all they have to do is go to the videotape.

via NHL.com

I like that Cowen has confidence and swagger in his abilities. He has the right kind of attitude and he is just hunry to get back to the ice to make up for all the lost time. Drayson Bowman is looking to make up for lost time as well since he pretty much figured he would be playing with the Carolina Hurricanes this past season. But the Hurricanes are excited for all their young and saucy talent waiting to fill the line up. And please believe, Bows wants to be on that Canes roster.

“Sometimes guys come out of great college or junior careers and I don’t think they understand how big the jump is,” said Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford. “With that being said, a guy like Bowman with the way he can shoot and score, if he has a good camp he’s going to have a chance. Same with Boychuk, same with Sutter, same with McBain.”

Director of Amateur Scouting Tony MacDonald, who helped draft each member of that group, agreed.

“I think most of the players that we have now, those young kids that we’re excited about, I think they’re knocking on the door but would probably have to come in and have the kind of training camp that would force you to consider keeping them here rather than allowing them to develop in the American league and get a little bit more seasoning,” he said.

via Hurricanes Blog.

I am incredibly tired. I hope this post sorta works for everyone.

Also, marshmallow buttercream is crazy effin delicious.

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3 thoughts on “haters gonna hate.

  1. It’ll be nice to see CowCow on the ice again! I hope Bows kicks ass at camp, I’m dying to see him in a Canes jersey!

  2. ” same with McBain.”
    I had no idea The Simpsons was actually a talent-development organization for the NHL.

  3. CowCow week!!!!! Love it!!!! I can’t believe the draft is this week!!!! So excited to see where our boys land.
    Bowman is going to rock the Carolina world. They are all gonna be like “Whoa…he dropped it like it’s hot.” It’s nice to see that they will actually probably end up putting Bows with all the big boys so he isn’t just leaving me…I mean US for the AHL or something.

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