The Talent: Jared Cowen

I know I skipped around and only did a few of the top fifteen. But hey, I promise to do better next year. Really all I want to talk about is Jared Cowen. Since he is one of our boys, we love and adore him in all his 6’5″ glory. If you read my ramblings on a semi regular basis, you know that the Cow Cow is a wonderful hulking defenseman born in Allan, Saskatchewan. His defensive partner is the very Spurgalicious, Jared Spurge0n. Jar Jar is just a tiny lil’ defenseman coming in at 5’8″ and about a buck seventy. They are a delightful pairing and they get the job done.

Oh, then Jared Cowen’s had a thing happen with his knee and missing the last crucial half of the Chiefs season. The absence of Cowen in the lineup showed just how integral he was. If you ask me, the Chiefs pretty much unraveled after the Cowen injury. The team got sloppy and a bit lazy and had no real discipline. The Chiefs then faced a bout of even more injuries, suspensions and the entire team getting food poisoning and barfing between periods of play, oh and then trying to capture another Memorial Cup in the playoffs. This is what Jared Cowen looked like, watching this all unfold with his team;

oh god it burns it burns. make it stop.

oh god it burns it burns. make it stop.

Heartbreaking. We’d then see him walking around the arena, often talking about how he couldn’t wait to get back to playing. There were doubts on just what this would mean to his potential NHL career. But I’ve been a fierce defender of Cowen, even prior to the injury. I live in a dream world, where Cow Cow goes to my lovely Maple Leafs, and teams up with Luke Schenn and demolishes all opposition. Clearly, it is a dream. And as a Leafs fan, I expect the utter and absolute worst on Friday. Really, the team drafting that high can make no bad choices but…I am just prepared for disappointment. I’d love for Cow to be in the blue and white, but perhaps it’s better if he goes to a different organization. Potentially it could be Phoenix. It’s close-ish. Well, closer than Toronto. Cowen said he would love to go to a Canadian team, but figures that won’t happen. I’ve looked at far too many mock drafts. Drafts with Cowen going to the Colorado¬† Avalanche, the Phoenix Coyotes, the Dallas Stars, the Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I like Cowen because he doesn’t rely on dropping gloves to do his job. He’s just there and boys tend to stay out of his way. He is fiercely protective of goalies. The one time I remember him fighting was because someone decided to take a run on Dustin Tokarski. Oh he can fight if needed, in case you were curious. He knows how, and the mechanics of it. Cowen had a bit of a clunky beginning with the Chiefs and he often made me groan and guffaw. But he really grew into his own and became a solid, go to player on the roster. Because this is junior hockey, he has a band of loyal fans, who want nothing but the best for him while we wait for him to take over the NHL.

Best of luck, Jared.

PS.; I was going to post the first three paragraphs of today’s article in the paper on Cowen but I didn’t want to make your brains bleed because I love you all.

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3 thoughts on “The Talent: Jared Cowen

  1. I’m ok with CowCow to the Leafs or Coyotes; Stars… only if Ondrej comes back. This should be a bargaining tool; The Sens. No way.The end.

    If he ends up with the Leafs, we’ll have to make a cute name like the Bash Bros had…

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