oh what a difference a year makes.

This post is going to feel like something from the back of a yearbook. I’m terribly sorry. You wouldn’t entirely know it but I can we be warm, fuzzy dare I say squishy individual. A year ago I wrote this post, I think you remember it fairly well. Let’s revisit it, in the wake of bloody massacre of a break up it became apparent I could no longer be a Canucks fan. Which was ok, because really as far as NHL teams went, I wasn’t really committed. The team I hold closest to my heart is of course my Spokane Chiefs. Note the “my.” I am possessive. Some silly boy was not going to take them.

But in terms of an NHL team? I was up for grabs as an unrestricted free agent. Quickly, a bidding frenzy began seeing offers from the Red Wings, the Penguins, the Devils and of course the Maple Leafs. Many teams showed up stating their case. It was a bit of a cage match that I for sure enjoyed watching unfold. But I knew I was a Leafer. And last season was my official first season as a Toronto fan, much to the delight of Eyebleaf. I don’t know what it was, but me loving the Leafs just made sense. It seemed like it fit. The community is tremendous and far-reaching and embraced my Pacific Northwest charms. Luke Schenn sure made liking the Leafs easy enough, but the team itself has it’s quirks. But it’s more than just his good looks.

I perhaps chose one hell of a season to be a Leafs fan but I endured. I tend to subscribe to the idea, “don’t read what they write about you, just measure it in inches.” And there was plenty for the media to write about. But the season truly did have some bright and shining spots. Mikhail Grabvoski vs the Canadiens, Luke Schenn’s Unreal Game and the Coach Killers. I clung to the hope that the Leafs would select Jared Cowen and he would join OLAS and rules the blue line. Those damned dirty Senators picked him up. But I have faith in Brian Burke deciding that Nasty Nazem Kadri should be in the blue and white. Even aggravating at times, I still love this team and I truly defend it. Especially when I was in the last of many many Habs fans with 67 being chanted. You can just fuck right off, sir. I don’t care.

I’m not going anywhere. I’m here.

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  1. wrap-
    I just read through the entirety of your breakup post and comments, and despite not having been there at the time, I’m proud and delighted you are now part of the family.
    The Leaf’s are the boy you take home to see Mom and Pops. He’s a little shy, but courteous and funny and ultimately confident, and he treats your folks with the respect they deserve. He’s the guy your Dad says of “well, he seems like a fine young man” and your Mom says “he could teach your dad a few things about how to treat a lady”, and she has no problem trusting your honour with him until 4 in the morning.
    All the other teams are the guy who’s cute or flashy or the flavour of the moment, who you get drunk and make out with and wake up regretting it profoundly the next morning.
    The Leafs are the guy you marry, for better or worse, and you realize very soon you have joined a family- and we wouldn’t think of ourselves without including you. The Leafs are the guy you build a lifetime of memories with, who you wake up before and smile at because you know you made the right choice, because you belong and have become the princess of your new community.
    Lot’s of love from the kawarthas, and it’s been a blast getting to know you from PPP. :)

  2. Hey Curl,
    I’d read your posts for the last few seasons, as a WHL fan in Calgary (Hitmen of course! Man, they were close this year).
    I admit I was some surprised to see you working the boards at PPP this year, so thanks for explaining why. You’re right, you sure picked a rough year to start being a Leafs fan. But for most of us that have started out as a Leafs lover during these types of seasons (1988!) you can’t help but stay with it. Because it’s something you just find yourself needing every fall, and you have to stick with it because you’re already invested. And after a few seasons you become so invested that you find you can’t live without it! Then you start bleeding blue and white, and before you know it, you’re getting a blue leaf tattoo on your shoulder and wearing your Grabovski jersey to work on game day.
    It’s inevitable. I just wish more people would accept it and stop fighting it! It would just make everything easier.

    Welcome aboard and thanks for caring!

  3. I also wasn’t around last summer, but I will say 2 things.
    #1) It’s great having you around.
    #2) Cheers to eyebeleaf for wooing you to our side.

  4. Spectacular. You really know how to work the blue & white.

    Almost as importantly, can I say that I love eyebleaf? Or more accurately, love him even more so than before? To borrow his lexicon, he’s a rudey.

  5. Firstly, you made the right choice. Secondly, it’s been wonderful having you around. Think how much better it’ll be when we make the playoffs!!1


  6. This journey you’ve embarked upon is only going to get better, and I hope you’ll be in Toronto when the Leafs do win the Stanley Cup. It will be one helluva party.

    Cheers, WAC.

  7. Most awesome. I’m sorry your breakup was so nuclear meltdown level bad, but all’s well that ends well as they say. Continue to enjoy being a Leaf fan! Oh and love your work on the PPP site!

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