Who Wants a Mustache Ride?

Last week Cameron Frye and I introduced a new project, Mustache Monday with quite possibly one of the finest facial hair arrangements in all of hockey. We decided we couldn’t just restrict this to players of the NHL. Who will be today’s mustachioed stud? None other than Archimedies of The Handsome Man’s Guide To Life read his blog, boyo and learn some stuff. You can follow him on Twitter too.


OMFG. Eyebrow alert! Rawr.

More Stache In Action after the jump;



That’s right, Archi is rocking on fierce Fu Manchu. He says it’s a homage to Max Talbot, and who am I to disagree? He rocks it like no other. See, this kind of stache is a delicate balance because on the wrong kind of dude, its totally a d-bag alert. But on Archi, it just looks supremely rad and fitting. Btw, I was totally miffed he isn’t showing off the Leafs hat that I bought him. Anyways, Archi is totally a gentleman and a scholar and a ridiculously sharp dresser as well. He is one of the fine Toronto Boys whom I did my grand tour of Montreal with. We had a lovely time in that French part of Canadaland and he was happy that I brought him boxes of cereal from the States.

So here’s to you, Archimedies. Keep that ‘stache, mmkay?

I just realized if you decided to take a shot for every time I said “totally” in this post, you’d be drunk really fast. Happy Monday!

Also, we are TOTALLY looking for some Mustache Monday submissions (ahem, FrankD?). We request you send at least threee pictures of yo’ sweet sweet face. And tell us a bit about yourself (or I will just make stuff up), link whore, we don’t care. Send me your stuff; wraparoundcurl@gmail.com

12 thoughts on “Who Wants a Mustache Ride?

  1. I have mad man love for Archi, but Talbot, that douchebag mother fucker, doesn’t deserve this type of homage/dedication/respect.

  2. EyeB – I agree. That level of respect is reserved for the type of hockey player who would do something like score both goals in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals for the winning team.

  3. How can anyone try to follow up Archi? Not only is he incredibly handsome, but now he raises the bar of facial hair awesomeness to epic proportions. I am not worthy to compete with this man.

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