Who Wants A Mustache Ride?

It’s that time, ladies. One of the two days in the week you look forward to; Mustache Monday and Cheesecake Thursday. Cameron and I know this is the stuff you live for.

Who is our stud today? Well it’s none other than FrankD of Pensburgh. I know, I know. What is it with me and my affiliation and affection for Penguins blogs? I honestly have no idea. Anyways, Frank is a tall glass of water, who lives in Jersey, but loves and adores his Penguins. In Montreal we went to a Mexican restaurant and he ordered a quesidilla that looked like an awkward taco going through the change and I drank mediocre strawberry margaritas with my terrible nachos. It was funnier in person than me relaying it here. Btw, he struggles with pronouncing Spokane correctly. Or just says it wrong to bug me.

Oh, FrankD tried to make a trade and steal me away from Pension Plan Puppets. Or was it PPP was trying to get rid of me….? Mallowmar Bars were involved but they ultimately decided to send it to arbitration. Results still pending.

Here’s what Frank sent in after weeks of me pestering him;

sweet eyebrow action

sweet eyebrow action

Obviously, he had to rockĀ  team colors. Which is the right decision to make if you are going to submit photos for Mustache Monday.

Picture0041Now, I am told that there is indeed a picture of just him rocking the stache. But he refused to submit it, claiming it was not up to the rigious standards we have for Mustache Monday. Ok, first of all I am glad he thinks so highly of this esteemed publication but I gotta say it: pics or it didn’t happen. Let us judge the alleged awfulness of your mustache. We’re kind and gentle. I promise.

Guys I need your face. Send your stuff in for Mustache Monday. Email me; wraparoundcurl@gmail.com.

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6 thoughts on “Who Wants A Mustache Ride?

  1. I happen to love the Pens…my sincerest apologies. Nice addition to the mustache monday family!

  2. Nice! I enjoyed meeting Frank in Montreal.

    As for the proposed trades, I wouldn’t be doing my duty as Chief Blogging Officer if I didn’t listen to offers but nothing came close to blowing my doors off. As soon as I traded WAC I’d end up overpaying to replace what she brings to the table.

  3. Impressive! You grow a nice and full goatee. The other good news about this photo is that you couldn’t grow a Hitler stash if you tried.

    Also, you look a tiny bit like Eric Godard. And we alllll know how much sexy THAT implies.

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