Swedish Fish.

There is no hockey. I have no life. I’ve spent my time catching up on tv shows I missed. Or just revisiting them in general. I whipped through season two of Mad Men the other day. A few weeks ago it was a Burn Notice marathon. Because I am an ONTD obsessive, and they tend to know what’s good, I had to know what was up with True Blood. I thought it was in the vein of Twilight. I stayed up a few nights watching season one and catching up on season two and OMFGGGGGG ITS SO GOOD. And its amazing and wonderful and best of all the vampires don’t effing sparkle. It almost fills the void that Buffy left when it was over… So here is your Thursday Slice of Cheesecake, one of the babes of True Blood.

Bite me.

Oh heyyyy....click for wallpaper size.

Oh heyyyy....click for wallpaper size.



Vampires effing love track jackets!

Vampires effing love track jackets!

Look at him. Being at Comic Con and all that...

Look at him. Being at Comic Con and all that...

This is Alexander Skarsgard. He is Swedish. Also, he is 6’4″. I KNOWWWWW RIGHT?! He plays the badass Eric Northman on True Blood, the thousand year old Viking vampire whose dying words were “Wherever I am, there will always be women.” Come on, that is amazing right? His character on True Blood is hilarious in his own stoic way. He owns a vampire nightclub called Fangtasia. Oh and why his hair gets shorter on the show was fantastic. I’m not going to ruin how it happened.

Amazing gif;

The thing I like most about the show is it really shows vampires in a modern setting. In Buffy there was always a disconnect. But with the premise of True Blood, vamps fighting for their equal rights in the world (well some…) they are integrating into society. They have BMWs, play Wii golf and get pissy when they aren’t texted back. They fly special airlines and stay in vampire hotels. The product True Blood is a synthetic blood substitute that is ordered like beer, and it’s heated up in a microwave. There are humans who are called fangbangers that seek out vampires to bite them.  It all just endlessly amuses me. Askars makes out with Lady Gaga in her amazing video for Paparazzi;

This is from some Swedish movie he did, but like that matters?

Happy Thursday.

37 thoughts on “Swedish Fish.

  1. Oh, hi Alexander… Vill du komma hos mig?

    I should watch more Swedish movies… Or move there.

  2. You should also give “Generation Kill” a watch as well. He is AMAZING in it and it’s a crying shame that he didn’t get an Emmy nomination for it. (Most of the other guys in it are F-I-N-E too, so that helps. )

  3. I’ve been debating renting the first season to check it out, now I’m sold. He should do a shower scene in every episode though. Doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not…

  4. Ok, that’s all I needed to know in order to determine that I will now watch True Blood.

    I really needed that shower scene today. I love Swedish men. Yum.

    • The entire cast is really ridiculously good looking. Particularly Ryan Kwanten who plays Jason Stackhouse. It doesn’t hurt he is shirtless and more quite often…

    • From what I understand, the books aren’t entirely necessary. And the show is better. But I still think I might read them now. Season one covered book one, season two book two etc.

      • The books–and I am addicted to those, not the show–are truly high-class brain popcorn. They do differ from the show in quite a few ways, but when doesn’t that happen?

        • I went into the book store the other day looking for books for my plane trip to Chicago…and there were the books. Reading dilemna solved. I’m a big fan of high-class brain popcorn.

  5. I’ve read the first two books. I enjoyed them but I didn’t really see Anna Paquin as Sookie so I didn’t watch the show.

    I didn’t realize it was a hot manapalooza though. Now I must see this show.

  6. Eric is SO hot he makes Bill look like Mister Rogers.

    I didn’t like what he did to Layfayette, though.

    • Oh I have a feeling that story will get more fun and interesting. I’m kinda giddy for it actually.

      Oh! Good news dames, when I am on vacay HF29 will be doing a True Blood recap.

  7. You’re probably right. Why else would Eric have saved Lafayette if there weren’t some ulterior motive?

    More Lafayette, less Marianne (and the attendant orgies!)

    • Lafayette has gotten his swagger back. I about died when he was putting on makeup in the ladies room at Merlotte’s and Tara and whatsherface walk in and whatsherface is like “This is a ladies room!” And he says “then what are you two nasty skank bitches doing in here?” I howled with laughter. So amazing.

  8. The scenes between Tara and Lafayette are among the best. Those and the scene where Sam shape-shifted into an owl!

  9. HOLY SHIT @ that gif. lsfjsldjfsldjfaifjdnahefg. And that first picture? SWOON. Sigh. Swedish boys. DO WANT.

  10. The shower gif makes me wanna take a cold shower. So he’s 6’4″ and Swedish? Why doesn’t he play hockey for the Wings?

    WAC, you find the best men gems ever. Like that Chris Pine. I saw him on a Town House cracker box for a Star Trek ad. He looked goooood. Even if it is a cracker box.

    I love Thursdays.

    • Well if he played hockey, we’d never get to see him get nekkid on film. And Askars has said he is totally cool with nudity in film. So winnnnn.

      Seriously, I love Chris Pine. He’s a fox.

  11. Yes, that gif. I’ve come back to visit it several times.

    I started last night but I’m not to Eric yet. I’ll keep watching though. Lafayette is kickass though. He barely exists in the books. Jason is yummy too.

  12. rawr.

    I am on the waiting list for season 1 (another friend currently is watching it). I can’t wait! I wish I had the money for HBO.

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