less cheesecake, more hostess cupcake.

Now, I know Thursdays are for cheesecake. But this is a bit of a different flavor. I love this dude so much. And no, it’s not Seth Rogen.

all pictures from here.

It’s James Ransone. I know, you probably think he’s a bit weird looking and you have no idea who he is. He’s a bit of an under the radar actor. He was absolutely tremendous in the HBO mini series Generation Kill. Hilariously profane and charming all at once, James played Ray Person. I cannot recommend Generation Kill enough. It’s a seven part apolitical story, based on the book by Evan Wright, about the first marines on the ground for the Iraq invasion. They were undersupplied, traveling sans tanks in open humvees, with one translator Did I mention the cast is stunning and includes Stark Sands and Alexander Skarsgard?…Anyways, I like this one because his acting just blows me away. And he really is good looking in his own way. In that scrawny tattoo’d sorts. And those eyes, how they kill me.

These clips are hilarious and NSFW really…

The only music in Generation Kill is when they sing. Ray likes to sing Avril Lavigne while taking a piss:

These gifs might not make sense entirely…

Also, I’m taking suggestions for cheesecake. Both male and female.

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    • Generation Kill is really really good. It’s a bit hard to describe the plot. It’s them trying to cross the desert and all the problems that come to a boil. In the audio commentary for part four, the actors and director decide its like a road trip movie in it’s own way. There is just so much to it all. The details. What the marines say in the background. Oh and a woman directed the bulk of the series too.

      • Part war movie, part road movie, part buddy movie.

        It’s probably not for someone who’s pro-Iraq invasion, either.

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