Don’t You, Forget About Me.

“You see us as you want to see us. In the simplest terms; the most convenient definitions…”

There is always a comforting and warm nostalgia that comes with the opening of the hockey season. Things have changed but really it’s all the same. It’s like a formula that we all know, but it can still yield different results.  The Chiefs came out to the usual fanfare of pyrotechnics. Though this season they squirted some lighter fluid on the ice and I thought SHIT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL, SON. And the boyos skated out along with some Chiefs alumni to celebrate the quarter century mark of the organization. Seth Compton, the precious lil’ woodland nymph returned too.

I went into the game basically trying to stave off totally hating Kyle Beach. I was prepared to supremely dislike him and mutter obscenities under my breath. And really when he took the penalty super fast into the first, I did an eye roll and thought “here we go…”

But something happened. Kyle Beach showed up to play some hockey. He was everywhere, making his presence known. And I was slightly giddy. I caught myself in moments where the words were leaving my mouth and I was cheering him on. I wanted him to succeed. Because face it, his failing does nothing good for the team.

It’s in the awkward crush stage I’d say. But I get it now. It’s like The Breakfast Club. I’m totally Claire Standish (I can even do the lipstick trick like her) and Kyle is John Bender. I think, that we have nothing in common as we suffer through this detention together. There we are, pushing each others buttons with undertones of flirting and him seeing through all my nonsense. And I’m laughing while he’s saying things like “screws fall out, the world is an imperfect place.” It’s not something that will last, but it’s good in the meanwhile. He’ll be OUTSTANDING because my parents use me to get back at each other.

So Kyle notches two goals and an assist. And has an adorable post game interview talking about how excited he is to be playing for Spokane and is a bit embarrassed over that penalty in the first. Also, he drove 30 hours to Spokane after he got the call about the trade. He was headed back to Lethbridge from Chicago then picked up his stuff and was Spokanda bound.

So yeah, maybe for the minute I have turned a corner on Kyle. I know what I’ve said before about him and I’d love for him to give me more reasons to ignore his rap sheet and priors. Mr Beach, welcome to Spokane. I hope you didn’t take the boos too seriously.

Jared Cowen looked fierce with his new leadership and wears the C well. I believe in Captain Cowen.

Chief win: 5-2 and Kyle is second star.

Portland thumps Seattle 6-1 and Seattle’s Stefan Warg was a painful -5 on the night.

15 thoughts on “Don’t You, Forget About Me.

  1. ah soo true. I like this kyle beach so far and i hope he continues to play and work hard like he is without all those antics. I never thought i’d say it but last night, i was a kyle beach fan. I just don’t understand how boo-ing him is going to help out our team. He’s a chief now, whether we like it or not and until he gives me a reason to dislike him, i will be cheering hard for him to succeed! :)

  2. GOOO Captain Cow Cow! :D Yay! Those are my thoughts of the entire game. Beach kinda sorta won me over so far, more so than the other people in my section. I was far too busy cheering for Jared to really focus on Beach, haha.

    • The announcers on the broadcast went on about Cowen have the longest stick/biggest shaft in the league. Wait, it get’s better. And one said “you know, I bet they used the handle from Paul Bunyan’s ax to make a stick for Cowen.”

      Were they high?

      • hahahaha that’s hilarious. they must’ve hit their heads when they fell out of their chairs in surprise after bartman scored :P

        • dude i shat when bartman scored. i started making up reasons how it could have went it. im pretty sure though he blindly hit the puck and someone blocked the goalies view lol. bartman intending to score and scoring….??? please!

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