Fun in English Class.

So I’ve been bored. And I’ve been playing around with anagrams. You remember those in school? Rearranging the letters in a word to form new ones? Here is the generator, and I plugged in some hockey players:

Luke Schenn: knees lunch (what Archi had to say: Hilarious, because that’s what dating him is like. Get on your knees, then make him a sandwich.)
Phil Kessel: sheep skill
Tomas Kaberle: bleak maestro
Vesa Toskala: a slave to ask
Roberto Luongo: goon or trouble

George Parros: groper or sage
Alexander Ovechkin: hoax kind relevance
Dany Heatley: hey neat lady!
Jason Spezza: jazz ape sons
Craig Anderson: sardonic anger
Vincent Lecavalier: an invective caller
Patrick Kane: pirate knack
Justin Abdelkader: it’s dreadable junk
Marc Andre Fleury: clean merry fraud
Paul Bissonnette: up insolent beast

Found on the internets:
Viktor Stalberg: grab skirt or vest (via @chansler)
Daniel Alfredsson: an idle ass fondler (@kidkawartha)
Niklas Kronwall: know carnal skill (@FightNightatJoe)

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25 thoughts on “Fun in English Class.

  1. ADRENAL SEX MINE = Alexander Semin
    SIR TIT JULY = Jiri Tlusty
    Colton Orr = COLON TORR, or, what Carkner screamed.
    Big Volt Strreak = Viktor Stalberg
    Lo Snake Jab= Jason Blake
    Crime Urge Ripe= Pierre McGuire
    Hazard Cone= Zdeno Chara
    See A Beanier Ingest Jugs = J.S. Giguere
    Ape Doh Fun In= Phaneuf
    Brian Burke= Break Bruin.

  2. Steve Yzerman = Very Mean Zest
    Henrik Zetterberg = Breeze ‘n’ Right Trek
    and my favorite:
    Pavel Datsyuk = Puke Vast Lady

  3. loser domi = rooms idle
    wrap around curl = up and rural crow
    Archimedies= I’m dire aches
    general borschevsky = green shocks bravely
    kidkarwartha = it a dark hawk

  4. Pavel Bure = Reveal Pub
    Sergei Fedorov = Over-fed Orgies (I knew I loved the Russians for reason!)
    Alexei Morozov = Exam Or Evil Zoo
    Peter Forsberg = Grr Before Pest

  5. A few i got

    I will Con Son- Colin Wilson
    Can’t Carve Live Nile- Vincent Lecavalier
    Bro, Met Rad Urine- Martin Brodeur
    Greedy Anne- Andy Greene
    Yet Medicine Rot Mars- Scott Niedermayer
    Ron Lost Brain- Brian Rolston
    Ear Pal I Kist- Patrik Elias
    Jars Not a Ton- Jason Arnott
    We Be Shear- Shea Weber

  6. Wade Redden= new, dreaded

    Chris Drury= cry rid rush

    michal roszival= zilch via morals

    donald brashear= as abhorred land

    alex auld= a dull axe

    tom poti= i’m top, to

    martin brodeur= intruder rambo

    sean avery= areas envy

  7. My favourite has to be Mikael Samuelsson: MOAN, KILL MASSEUSE.

    I also like Alexander Ovechkin: HONK, A LEADEN CERVIX!

  8. ”Found on the internets:
    Viktor Stalberg: grab skirt or vest (via @chansler)
    Vincent Lecavalier: a clit can’t lie (@space_weed)
    Daniel Alfredsson: an idle ass fondler (@kidkawartha)
    Niklas Kronwall: know carnal skill (@FightNightatJoe)”

    Wait… how can Vincent Lecavalier be ”a clit can’t lie”. There’s no V there. Well, I guess there IS a V, but not in the anagram.

  9. Oh, I saw these on Twitter but didn’t know you blogged it (I did too)! Some of mine:

    Sean Avery = Arena Yves
    Milan Lucic = Lilac Cumin
    Rick Nash = Rink Cash
    David Backes = Bad Save, Dick
    Shea Weber = He Saw Beer
    Alex Ovechkin = since my 1st one was already posted (Hack Live Oxen), Nail, Choke, Vex.
    Matt Cooke = Cake Motto
    Roberto Luongo = Rube Go Loot Ron
    Alex Burrows = Our Sex Brawl (I bet there’s a hair-pulling joke here)

    Kyle Beach = Heal Becky
    Patrick Kane = I Kept a Crank
    Kris Versteeg = Resist Keg, Rev
    Antti Niemi = Aim, net. In it. (ouch)
    Tomas Kopecky = Stop, OK? My Cake

    I couldn’t find a Ryan Kesler one when I tried, but Cloud’s comment above is great!

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