a few snaps

So on my spring break I went to Toronto and met up with the Pension Plan Puppets crew. @jaredoflondon and I went to Leafs and Thrashers game. The Leafs lost. Whatever. But Stalberg had two goals! And I got a Luke Schenn shirt.

It really sucks the net is in the way. But we have here: Kaberle, Kessel, Bozak, Schenn and Kulemin. The complete gutting of the team really hit me when the current Leafs experience broke down like this: Kaberle has about 800 some odd games as a Leaf. Number two is John Mitchell with around 130. WHAT EVEN.


It was wonderful. I was so happy. And I proudly sang the Canadian anthem. That’s Jonas Gustavsson in net for the Leafs.

I had a fantastic time in Toronto. @archizuber was amazing and let me crash at his place. I met up with @bkblades, @kessticle and @fergus30 and we went adventuring at the zoo. There was also a night of drunken karaoke after the Hockey Hall of Fame. Somewhere there is video (god I hope it never sees the light of day) of Ferg and I doing the Spice Girls’ Stop. Complete with the dancing. @eyebleaf sang George Michael’s Faith. The whole lot of us did Summer Lovin’ from Grease. The trip was wonderful and I love and adore you all for being so great to me.

Getting out of Toronto was a bit of a headache. Apparently I set off a bunch of red flags. I was traveling alone. I don’t look like my passport picture apparently. I was going to Portland to meet the boyfriend then we’d drive home from there. So I was searched by customs. My bag was flipped open in the waiting room and everyone could see my undergarments and a box of Tampax while my bag was searched and I was grilled some more. I looked like a druggie since I carry benadryl and ibuprofen in my purse. But those weren’t in the original bottles. Oh on top of all that. They didn’t believe I came to Toronto to go to a hockey game and do tourist shit despite numerous receipts and pictures on my camera. They questioned me liking the Leafs. Apparently I should like a team that is in my own country and closer to me. How I managed to not snap, I’ll never know.

Portland was rad and the weather was terrible. I discovered that Korean BBQ is amazing. The Muse concert was stunning and fantastic. I feel like any concert I go to after that will be worthless. Here is a rough vid of when they brought the lasers out. When Matt Bellamy talks, he sounds like the Cookie Monster. But drunk.

10 thoughts on “a few snaps

  1. It was awesome having you in our fair city, come back soon!
    also, no Burkie dog picture?

  2. Hey you always on the run
    Gotta slow it down baby, gotta have some fun..

    sounds like an awesome spring break :)
    (except the customs part… they need to learn hockey:/ )

    • If you worked a month in the shoes of a border officer and saw everything we deal with on a daily basis, I’m sure your opinion would be quite different. It’s unfortunate that travellers like WAC are searched and questioned when they are completely legit, but you have to understand that it is necessary. Guns, drugs, child pornography, people criminally inadmissable to Canada… all of that and more attempt to come into the country every day. Most of it doesn’t try to come in with a sign declaring what it is. That’s why everyone has to undergo the same scrutiny.

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