The Blue Blood

As you’ve probably noticed, its been quiet around here. My posting has uhm, been inconsistent and sloppy at best and I’m really sorry. I’ve got my own life now that kinda doesn’t leave me much room for hockey as I’d like. I canceled my Center Ice because I couldn’t afford it, which made me sad.

I go to the Chiefs games when I can and I’ve been happy with the fresh blood and new coaching. I watch the Leafs when it works out. I was dazzled by how they started the season. The team brought on new talent and seemed to face the season with a new attitude. I was as always, cautiously optimistic. I found so many parts to love and be happy about.

If anything I’ve learned in my short time as a Leafs fan, it sure as shit ain’t easy. But it comes down to how you want to be part of it. Personally, I don’t want to dwell in a pit of suck and constantly be saying I’m over the team and giving it up. As much as I adore them, I don’t live and die and expect my happiness as a person to be on them. It’d be a nice perk, absolutely. But I have other things.

I’m mad you’re mad. I’m mad you can’t be happy with the tiny victories and enjoy what we have. I’m mad you take a sick joy in amplifying your misery and others. I’m mad that there are so many of you getting louder and louder. I just want to watch the game. I just want to see glorious hipchecks. I just want to take in dazzling saves.

But you won’t let me. I have so much chaos and craziness and hockey is my constant.

You’re ruining my love.

I really hate you for it.

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