Putting On the Foil 101

I think I have mentioned this, but my bestie is now a hockey fan. Oddly, I never forced this on her as I would have been brokenhearted had she come to the realization she hated it. She lives in her own kind of hockey void in the midwest and was pretty much free to like a team without geographical obligations. She landed on the Rangers. I don’t blame her and I advised her not to love the Leafs as I do, to avoid constant disappointment. Plus, we both look cute in blue.

The beautiful and overwhelming thing about hockey is the rich history. In fact it can segment into many different histories. My brain sorta overheats when I think of “so where so I begin with that a new hockey fan needs to know?” In a shameless call for content and a way to amuse ourselves with the lack of any hockey; I propose we have a bit of fun. Let’s build our wiki of sorts.

For the month of September, I will post any submissions I get for this (oh my god I hope I get more than two) project. The three best ones, I will buy you a shirt from the NHL store (you pick the team) and I will mail it to you. You will also get a handwritten thank you note with probably some hilariously bad drawing from me.

What do you love about hockey? What is essential to know? Weird historical stuff? Favorite fight ever? Why is your team best? Wanna explain hockey hair? Underrated or underloved players? The most heroic plays ever? The most brutal of hipchecks? Worst jerseys ever? What about the whole goalie mask business? Nontraditional markets for the game?

This is a writing free for all. I will take pictures, gifs, vids. Let’s tell the story of hockey we want; devoid of the stuffy historical narrative detachment. I know a lot of you are just buzzing with passion, I would love to see you contribute. Please source things when needed, linking within text is fine. Don’t steal stuff. I’m totally down for you wanting to smacktalk. I will not tolerate any slurs, alright?

Please email me your contribution to me. Send it whenever you’re good and ready. Deadline to be t-shirt eligible is September 30th, 10pm PST.  My addy is wraparoundcurl@gmail.com. Toss WIKIWAC in the subject. Also include how you’d like to attributed in the post, be it actual name or twitter handle. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, email me  or yell at me on twitter.

I think we can be great.



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