I wear lipstick and I can kick your teeth in

The lockout, oh the lockout…

Its a curious media output with the lockout because the relative lack of news (besides the exodus of players to Europe). The NHL is referring to this little hiccup as a “work stoppage.” Oh. Okay then. Because of the lack of constructive things for news outlets to put out on the topic, they just decide to run really shitty “articles” that should be ignored.

I started today off in a hurricane of fury. It’s just the sort of thing where you know you just want to rip heads off. I was supremely pleased to have something to direct my anger at. But then my fury only intensified.

The Globe and Mail ran an “article” today titled Why Women Cannot Accept a Lockout. It was written by a woman. Sure, I will bite. I am a woman, so perhaps this contains some greater wisdom about the beauty of the sport and finesse of skills. Go ahead, take a few minutes to read it and then we’ll regroup.

Did you make it to the end? I had such a burst of anger I thought I was going to She-Hulk and start destroying a city until Thor stops me.

I get the idea of joking about the lockout to deal with it. Please believe I’m already tired of how “the Maple Leafs already have a perfect season!!!” jabs. I don’t understand how this ‘commentary’ is supposed to be of use. It only serves as a ploy of The Globe and Mail to yank in more clicks, which is what media outlets are reduced to. Gone are the day of quality. Now things depend on the ability to get enough attention you click a news link, even if you  get one paragraph in and want to snap your laptop in two.

On a whole, the problem with this commentary is the inherit sexism. You aren’t being edgy or cool by putting down your own gender; you’re only reinforcing that these attitudes are okay to have and encourage misogyny. You cannot complain about how you are being treated when you are contributing to the negativity and co-signing on the assumptions.

Women, like you know, all of humanity, are fantastic and multi-faceted creatures. We exist beyond the domicile. In fact there is this super interesting thing called equality (or egalitarianism). I don’t know if they have that in Canada but I’m pretty sure it’s something a lot of the world strives for. But anyway, with this WEIRD thing called equality, I am not reduced to being confined to being a homemaker. Nor having my identity tied to flat jokes about shopping and catering to my husband.

Mrs Robertson, I mourn the loss of the hockey season because of what it gives back. I love hockey as a social gathering for me and my friends (of the male and female kinds). In a sense, I need it. Not because I have a male romantic entanglement who has the upper-hand in our relationship and his interests take precedence over mine. I need it because there is something wonderful to unplug from my own life and watch something thoroughly engaging. For the span of a game, I am not in a panic about finding a job when I graduate and re-paying student loans. My team holds my heart for sixty minutes of play. For lack of a better term, I get the warm fuzzies. Hockey makes me content.

For all fans this lack of a season is a disappointment for many reasons. It does not come down to men versus women and their inability to to have functional relationships. Why can’t we celebrate how the game is bringing people together? I may not do much in my life, but I will not stand for someone putting me down for being a woman and a hockey fan.

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  1. This article made me so mad I was incapable of putting it into words. Equality does exist in Canada, and I’ve been led to believe we’re more advanced here than in most countries. Thanks to the former “liberal” Globe and Mail for putting us back 30 years.

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