The shit people do for pageviews

I know the LACK of hockey has meant writers in a bind for what to post. But this is just not cool. I’m posting it below so you don’t have to go to the source and up their page hits.:

Dear, sweet, adorable men of the world… why is it that you can never just ask for directions?

No, really. Explain it to us, because there appears to be something wrong with your species that you can’t simply admit you’ve taken a wrong turn and that you need help. And darlings, this NHL lockout is one giant wrong turn leading to nothing more than a dead end street and an empty gas tank.

If you’d only listen to us – the women in your lives, the females sitting in the passenger seat rolling her eyes as you attempt yet another “shortcut” – we’d be back on the highway in no time.

Because that’s what we’re here for.

The problem with so many of you XY chromosome-bearing beings is that you have this need to be right…even when you’re so, so wrong. And then it’s up to us to come in and clean up whatever mess you’ve made. The lockout is no different; it has brought out the worst of the stereotypical male testosterone-laced uber-competitiveness, made worse by the intense glare of the media microscope. A giant pissing contest that can only be solved by people who have no interest in such a disgusting pursuit – namely us, the women.

So many of us have the ability to compromise without worrying about the stigma of backing down or wimping out or whatever overly masculine phrasing you want to associate with said compromise. We may hold grudges but rarely do they manifest themselves in the form of cutting off the nose to spite the face. We can help. Because what this lockout needs, what it’s severely lacking right now, is a woman’s touch.

This may come across as a bitter male-hating diatribe; it’s not meant as one. We love you menfolk and all your little quirks. But the longer this lockout goes on, the more bitter we become, and with only the men (and these men, specifically) running the show, there’s nowhere else for our vitriol to go. We want this to end, and it seems like the only way for that to happen is for someone new to step in and fix it… and if that someone happens to have breasts, so be it.


I just have no idea how this is supposed to work. It’s wrong on so many levels. My response to the post was:


Men and women are the same species. Wikipedia.

I’m a bit confused as to what is going on here. Other than jokes from an airport cocktail lounge circa 1994. I don’t understand how a lockout trickles down to misandry and boyfriend hating. The lockout is out of my control as a consumer and fan, which is the frustrating aspect. The solution isn’t in our hands. And by design, we don’t get to contribute. I mean, we complain about how long this has been dragging on for. But that’s what happens when you have a system in place with procedure. The American government is a prime example of bureaucracy, red tape and having checks in balance. In theory, it is supposed to provide the steps to come to an informed decision and not taking the hasty express lane. It sucks, truly but it’s why so many major business and corporations have this in place, so everyone has their say.

But that has NOTHING to do with some dude getting lost and not asking for directions. Everyone wants to get to the same place but its a matter of what route serves the best for who is driving. And if the dude is running out of gas in addition to getting lost; well he just sounds like a prize idiot and perhaps finding someone smarter is the best solution. Maybe next time just take the keys and drive. You are Beyonce; you are an independent woman and he is replaceable.

Further, the NHLPA does have women in the room working on negotiations. I asked one day on Twitter and three women answered immediately and told me that there are in fact women holding positions above secretarial and something like 40 percent of the staff are women.

The lockout has nothing to do with cocks present. It has to do with DOLLARS up for grabs and what is perceived as fair and ideal from whatever position. There’s a lot of people fighting for personal interests. Those need to be set aside and the priorities need to be re-evaluated. Solving this has nothing to do with presence or absence of nail polish, high heels and lipstick. Because WOMEN don’t even have the same ideas on how they would fix this and divide assets.

It’s a bit of a ridiculous statement to chuck all men trying to solving this in the dunderhead category and to paint women in this shining savior light because I am different and therefor the superior being who holds the solution to this all.

This counter opinion to the CBA stuff and decrying shouldn’t (and isn’t) even be rooted in misogyny or misandry. That’s just some overdramatic literary device and saying “to bake an apple pie, first you have to invent the universe!” Like if this lockout truly has someone hung up on the opposite sex and causes a brewing of loathing and hatred, holyshitballs that person needs to re-asses their life.


The author of the post later backtracked and told me to relax it was just a joke. See, this is a huge problem. Women are not entitled to be angry about anything. They are told to calm down, it’s just a joke, you’re taking it too personal etc. No, if we’re gonna get this egalitarian business women need to have their emotions respected as valid instead of laughed off. If that post was joke, it flopped harder than Christina’s Bionic.