“I may look weak but I’m strong enough to carry your body to the woods.”

To: Comcast Sportsnet Chicago
Re: Blackhawks/Canucks Intermission

During an intermission of Friday’s game, your program ran tweets from fans with their thoughts on the opposition. You also chose to publish a tweet from fan that referred to the Sedin twins as sisters. By airing this tweet your brand has promoted acceptance of sexism and further, homophobic attitudes. You have encouraged insulting athletes by equating their skill with women.

Frankly, this was just lazy on your part to find content to fill twenty minutes. Instead of providing commentary on the game, your broadcast opted to be cheap. Twitter is a fantastic platform for people to broadcast their thoughts but you really should not be encouraging such offensive conduct.

I would have hoped your organization was bright enough to be aware of what happened when Blue Shirts United decided to run an article which talked down to women and devalued their intellect. It immediately went over poorly. The article ended up being yanked and brushed aside as if it never happened. Blue Shirts has yet to apologize for publishing it which is even more hurtful.

The You Can Play Project has been really aggressively tackling this problem in sports culture. Did you know that Chicago Blackhawk Duncan Keith supports this initiative? Way to keep up with your own city’s team and what they do outside of their sport. I imagine the Blackhawks do not appreciate your network’s going in the opposite direction of their efforts to make hockey a more accepting and open sport for athletes of all varieties.

I ask you to please re-evaluate the tweets to air on your program. It is really not difficult to come up with standards as to what is an appropriate tweet to share. Here, I will help you with some guidelines:

  • Is this tweet racist?
  • Is this tweet sexist?
  • Is this tweet homophobic?

If you answer yes to any of those criteria: don’t air it. It is a real simple process. This shows that as a company you feel a responsibility to promote messages that are in line with your values. Further, you are dedicated to being a progressive brand that is inclusive.

I really do not want the reply to the decision to run this tweet to be, “relax it’s just a joke.” I am entitled to be offended and disgusted that who I am is being used as a put down. So please learn from this, do better and set an example.

Heather Lynn


If you’d like to contact Comcast Sportnet Chicago you can do so here.

10 thoughts on ““I may look weak but I’m strong enough to carry your body to the woods.”

  1. So can explain how calling the sedin’s is sexist?

    Women naturally are weaker and smaller then men. So calling the sedin’s sisters instead brothers only imply that they are weaker smaller then men. Weak as in they dont belong, which they dont in The playoffs. Again facts point that women are weaker and smaller then men.

    Why is there a WNBA and a NBA? Why’s is there no women in rugby, football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, etc… If women are equal it would be even, right? So I suppose you wanted gender equality without and burdens. I suppose you and maybe your future daughters will sign up for selective service of there is ever a draft right?

    • No stop it. You don’t get to pull this bullshit. And you know that’s not what people mean when they say “Sedin Sisters” or “Cindy Crosby.”

      So if its a matter of calling the Sedins small I can think of several comparisons that don’t mean using women. They small and weak like a Fiat 500.

      Yeah my future daughters will be fucking badasses and kick the shit out of cowardly little motherfuckers like you and demolish your little hellspawns.

      And have you ever seen a women’s rugby match? It’s delightfully brutal and I’m sure they’d wreck your shit without breaking a sweat.

      Go away. I can’t wait until people like you die out.

      • Other then personal attacks you haven’t discredited anything I said.

        Again if women were physically equal to men they would be playing in pro leagues but they are not.

        Maybe aside from slinging personal attacks over the Internet like a troll you could have a conversation.

      • Do you even lift bro? Seriously, or is it bra?

        Instead of worrying about sexism of women in sport, how about doing a post about the sexism against women in the work place, or sexism against women in countries where they have no rights, or are trapped and used as slaves, or where they are forced into marraiges they don’t want, or were they treated as second class citizens, or were they are used by men as prostitutes against their will.

        However, back to the sedin’s. you said stop equating their skill to women which would be a compliment to women because they are very talented.

        • Wow, then you don’t know me at all considering I care about sexism and racism in all facets of society. You have no idea how much I talk about generating equality through respecting women and allowing them to be autonomous individuals who can success and exist peacefully without men validating them. You’re totally not grasping just how much sexism permeates culture and trickles all the way down to gender socialization.

          Now, you were all mad I was slinging personal attacks yet you were all over my case. It’s funny how you walk into this lion’s den to start a riot but no one is going to agree with you here. That’s another thing to consider; how women aren’t permitted to be aggressive and assertive. Were you expecting me to play nice? Talk quietly? Smile? Apologize? I don’t do that. A man is praised for being bossy and a woman is villain to be shunned if she’s the same.

          It speaks volumes to how out of touch you are, AS A MAN, thinking that women’s sports leagues are equal when they have to fight for press coverage and fans. However, I’m always inspired by the women who said “fuck it” and fight and claw their way to competing on the same level as men. And what sucks is often men refuse to compete because well, what if he loses!? Or they treat the woman with kid gloves. Or they sexually harass her until she decides to quite rather than having to endure her safety constantly being attacked. I don’t think you understand how often this is for all women. Society raises us to be aware, AT ALL HOURS, of a man who will attack us. The data regarding violence, crime and rape are a grim reality that is constantly at the front of our minds. Not the back, no. It’s front and center when I walk to my car at night after class or if I want to go to a bar with friends. I don’t get to be the victim because the fact I’m a woman means I deserve whatever harm comes my way. I get blamed for being a woman who should apparently know better. When instead we should be educating men to ACT better.

          I need feminism because I need that reminder and that fiery determination to not only just kick ass but as a memo that I am entitled to equality. The real sad part is I have to fight and and people like you constantly try to belittle what little scraps I have.

          So, you’re just laughably out of touch if you can’t see how things are connected.

          Also, you’re banned too.

  2. As a very female former water polo/roller derby/rugby player, I’m pretty sure that while I may be old(er) and out of shape at this point, I still have the body presence to at least hold my own for a non-humiliating amount of time, whether it’s against internet trolls or Swedish hockey twins.

    Check yo’ self, son, as I’d assume even your namesake Honey Boo Boo would disagree with what you’re saying.

  3. Heather Bravo well said yet again. Clowns like Boo Boo pull the stunts they do mainly to draw attention to themselves.

    Most are cowards hiding behind their PCs where they feel safe.

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