Cherry Picking

Don Cherry is a relic. He is of a time when certain attitudes were common and promoted. But you know, for me that does not mean his comments last night declaring women do not belong in men’s locker rooms are to be excused. They aren’t. Ron MacLean’s face summed up so many reactions.

Don was concerned about nudity and players being uncouth. Well, as several sports writers clarified on twitter last night, both men and women, really there is not that many dicks visible and players are respectful to reporters. Some even noted that players are even more considerate toward the women present. Don, the women are there to do a job. And they had to fight like hell to get there and I don’t think the potential glimpse of a cock is an issue. They’re probably quite aware of what could happen.

Women who work at CBC were furious and disappointed by Don’s comments and offered an apology on twitter last night. They were really fantastic actually, it was great.

However, what boiled my blood were people telling me to ignore Don’s words. That’s the way he is, he’s old etc. That doesn’t really work for me. I’m a believer in having a sit down, come to Jesus meeting and telling someone if their words are a bit you know, fucked. But him making such a declaration on Hockey Night in Canada just promotes sexism and demeans women. I’m bound and determined to work for a hockey team. It has meant a lot of self-reflection, beating myself up and inner torment knowing that these are the walls and attitudes I will likely face. And not even in hockey; in many industries.

Even worse, was You Can Play writing off Don’s word because he’s supportive of gay hockey players. So that apparently makes him progressive and permits such sexism. I have my problems with YCP but I am trying to be patient. I know they are just a year old and they have so much potential. For me, it is a matter of seizing it. But to dismiss the words of women claiming we just want something to be mad about? That’s a fucking insult.

I just want things to be better. And man, if I had the means, I would be starting a fund to help women get a career in sports. I want there to be money and resources to get them through school. Because we are going to steal some jobs and we’re going to be awesome.