Oh! Post!

If you found this site through random Googlings you probably are aware that I in no way, shape or form have any affiliations with the Spokane Chiefs Hockey Club. And it’s probably better that way. It makes for better entertainment. Oh what? Entertainment? You don’t know what that is? Well there are these things called blogs on the internet and people write in them.

Also, use your brain; do I really have to tell you ZOMG DON’T SUE ME!!1111? I post pics that are mine and if they aren’t I credit whoever. No infringement is implied, yo.

If you have any tips, phone numbers of mayhjah issues or don’t like the flavor of Haterade; wraparoundcurl@gmail.com

About your author, in cute third person form;

WAC is a twenty something dame who resides in the Pacific Northwest. All she has for hockey are the 2008 Memorial Cup Champion Spokane Chiefs. Its WHL country where she lives and she likes it that way. She also loves and adores the Toronto Maple Leafs. A bit strange perhaps. But given that area is a bit of a void for NHL teams, its common to for people to claim fan affiliations out of love and not obligation because of geographic locale.

Her love of the Leafs was clear when she made the epic journey to Montreal for the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, proudly displaying her blue and white pride in the territory of hostile Les Habitantes. She endured boos and leering. She sobbed when the Ottawa Senators drafted her Jared Cowen and threatened to jump off the balcony because she was so distraught. In the end she put on a smile and is hopeful about the future of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

She started this blog because she hates newspapers. Ironic because she was once a journalism major for like, five minutes. Really, she just loves to write and has been blogging before it was called blogging. She’s always found that word awkward, like some illegal Swedish sex act. There are some methods to her madness around here. Mustache Mondays celebrates great facial hair and not just in hockey. Cheesecake Thursday is just an excuse to do a pics spam of hotties for the ladies. At press time WAC is considering doing something for the fellas but hasn’t committed to a name for that.

WAC brings her silly girl fun to the table when writing about hockey. Her posts are often packed with pop culture references and a distinctly bizarre yet charming Valley Girl vernacular. Make no mistake, she has been known to throw down posts about feminism and politics in relation to hockey. She absolutely hates pink hockey jerseys.

WAC is a cupcake enthusiast with a love for trashy reality television. She watches terrible things for the sake of things to write about. A notorious gif hoarder and a celebrity gossip obsessive, she reads ONTD and Jezebel on the regular. Her hours are late and rather odd, often not crashing until the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is over. She’s a sucker for Slurpees and a churro from 7/11. Her personal motto is, “you can accomplish anything with a push up bra and a dream.”

But most of all, she really loves the Chiefs.

8 thoughts on “Oh! Post!

  1. Hey my name is Eric and I am a Spokane native transplanted to the frozen tundra of Syracuse,NY, home of the AHL’s Crunch. (Columbus affiliate) Bill Peters comes to town this weekend with his Rockford Icehogs and I will be talking to him for our blog,http://chairmanhowsarmy.blogspot.com/?zx=1b62e5210311cfee, and have had the priviledge this season of talking with Justin Faulk, Sean Zimmerman and Spokane native Tommy Maxwell. I proudly wear my Chief’s jersey to games and hope they get past the Giants.

  2. GAH! I found this through a link at Second City Hockey and almost feel off my bed when I saw your header picture. Could it be? OMG yes, a thoughtful blog with stuff about the Chiefs. Spokane born and raised, Chiefs fan born and raised, and I could not be happier than to have found this! :D Yay excited.

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