I don’t care about your mustache unless it is to fight domestic violence.

Ok, I’m shelving my efforts regarding Movember. They’re kinda fun as far as fundraisers because, heyyyy mustaches!!! Joking aside, the Movember efforts cover a wide range of range of great causes, including mental illness, which is fantastic of them and I applaud them it. Yes, I tend to be critical of charity efforts with such a large media presence because at the end of the day they tend to accomplish little outside of branded merchandise. However, Movember is fantastically transparent on their site with the dollar amounts and organizations money goes to. Something that the NHL and the Hockey Fights Cancer fun have done poorly with.

Anyway, my request for November is to not forget women. October has closed so sports are back to not caring about us. Rather, all they cared about before was our breasts and turning merchandise pink because that was fun marketing and sure pulled in a lot of dollars from sold out crowds…

I think the most heartbreaking thing in the wake of that Avalanche player I don’t even want to name, is the shattering and chilling silence from the league as a whole. I’m sorry that domestic violence isn’t as fun and happy to sell as breast cancer but it should not be ignored because you’re too scared to figure out a way to address that. That’s the problem, so let’s fix it.

I want these big hulking hockey players to say domestic violence is unacceptable. I want them open up their check books and give money to organizations that provide safety and necessities for those who don’t have the resources to leave and need help. I want them to find it in their heart to loudly and vocally express how it will not be tolerated.

I don’t want to hear the framing of “what if it was your mom or your sister…” It shouldn’t take that kind of situation in order to care about the safety and well being of another person. There should never be victim blaming. And I don’t want this confined to some month long campaign with cutesy shirts and colored ribbons. Because you shouldn’t market and profit off the suffering of others. Coincidentally, October was domestic violence awareness month.

If you have a phone you no longer use, please consider donating it. It is a vital tool for victims. Even if it cannot be used, often it can be refurbished or recycled by an organization and they collect money. Clean out your closet. Maybe you have some sweaters you don’t wear anymore. Anything can help out those who leave an abusive environment with nothing. A lot of times, people are stuck in these situations because of what would have to be left behind if they did manage to get out. Because sometimes friends and family don’t want to accept it is even happening and it means a person is alone, trying to escape.

Now would be a good time to write the hockey team you give your dollars to and ask them what they will do. Will they leverage their influence to do something good? Or do they just want to win games?

If you are someone you know is in an abusive relationship and in need of help, visit NoMore.org. The site also provides resources and links for ways you can help fight domestic violence.